Desert Museum Palo Verde Tree

Desert Museum Palo Verde Tree


What’s Yellow, Green, and Beautiful During Spring?

The Desert Museum Palo Verde Tree…

It’s Springtime in the desert…

and our Palo Verde trees are in full bloom.  A cloud of tiny yellow flowers adds serene beauty to their feathery lime-green foliage and curved, green trunks.

Native to southern Mexico, the Palo Verde thrive in the desert. Needing almost no water they are drought resistant and will tolerate colds down to 10 degrees. 
During dry spells, the tree will drop its tiny leaves and then, regrow them after rainfall. Water it occasionally (once a month, not once a week), and it will stay lush year-round.

Palo Verde trees grow easily from seed. Reaching a size of 26′ tall and wide, they add beauty and ambiance to any landscaped garden.


Starting trees and plants from seeds are so easy and very rewarding.
 It’s a terrific way to get kids involved in gardening, as well.

*It’s also a great way to save money too!​

*Start with a container.

*Prepare your new seeds as per our directions below.

*Watch as they grow.

*You will love the new birth & beginning of a beautiful new tree.

Now transplant to bigger pots

You will see a beautiful tree developing in your own landscape within 12 – 24 months.



*Order 10 seeds and get another 10 seeds for Free!​


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