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What’s Yellow, Green and Beautiful

During Spring?

A Blue Palo Verde Tree… Now You Can
Grow Your Own Palo Verde Trees From Seeds

Maximizing Benefits of Trees in Hot Climates.

Everyone appreciates cool shade on a hot day. But in urban settings in the arid west, trees provide benefits beyond the shade they cast.

Researchers at the Center for Urban Forest Research in Davis, CA, have been working since 1992 to quantify the benefits that trees provide.

However, with water supplies dwindling as population grows, arbor‐ ists must help educate the general public on how to maximize these benefits while conserving resources.  Trees provide a multitude of benefits.

During hot months, the obvious benefit is savings on air conditioning, usually powered by electricity.

Saving money on power bills will be the most apparent advantage that can be “sold” to residential and commercial clients, as well as to municipalities that are implementing tree care budgets.

There are other less obvious yet quantifiable benefits. Mature trees increase property values. Not only do they increase “curb appeal,” research shows that residential properties with trees fetch a higher selling price than those without.

(A National Home Improvement Survey stated that landscape improvements provide a whopping 215 percent return on investment when selling a home.)

Fresh Blue Palo Verde Tree Seeds Direct from the Farm.

DESCRIPTION: Tree to 30-40′ high. Bark bluish-green and smooth.

Spines are small (0.25″), green, and straight. Leaves are bipinnately compound, with three or fewer secondary leaflets per primary leaflet (versus four or more in Foothills Palo Verde).

Flowers are bright yellow and 5-petaled (all petals are bright yellow in contrast to Foothills Palo Verde that has its largest petal white).

Flowers in spring (April), usually before Foothills Palo Verde in the same area. Fruit is a flat pod starting green and turning yellow.
Fabaceae (Legume) Family.

NATURAL HISTORY: The Blue and Foothills Palo Verdes are Arizona’s State Tree.

Paloverde means “green stick” in Spanish, referring to the smooth, green bark in which photosynthesis takes place.

This allows the tree to drop its leaves (drought deciduous) to conserve water, yet still photosynthesize. Compared to Foothills Palo Verde, Blue Palo Verdes need more water thus tend to be more restricted to washes and roadsides.

The seeds are very hard, thus are not as easily eaten by humans, but you should hear what it sounds like when Javelina crunch up the seeds with their strong teeth.

The seeds need to be scarified (abraded, as occurs in flash floods or digestive tracts) or weathered underground a few years before germination occurs.

The flowers are an important source of nectar and pollen for many species of solitary bees, as well as other insects.



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Blue Palo Verde Seed Pods

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Starting plants from seeds is so easy and very rewarding.
It’s a terrific way to get kids involved in gardening, too.
It’s also a great way to save money!

The seed business is booming, our goal is to have over one million trees growing in the U.S.A.
If you want to help by selling seeds or sharing, go ahead and choose one of the options above:


Tips on growing a Palo Verde tree from a seed, go to this link HERE



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Identifying and Harvesting Foothills and Blue Palo Verde Flowers and Seeds

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